Pravin Shankar

Pravin Shankar is a Director of Data Science at Meta (formerly known as Facebook). He currently leads Data Science for WhatsApp (spanning consumer app, growth, privacy and server infrastructure), improving products and services for WhatsApp's 2B+ users with advanced analytics tools and methodologies. His team of Data Scientists use modeling, experimentation, analysis, and data, to ensure we identify the greatest opportunities and launch the best products to meet the needs of the over 2B people who use WhatsApp every day.

Prior to this, he built, grew and led Facebook’s central integrity ecosystems organization, which is responsible for the highest priority trust and safety goals across Meta. In the past, he has also led teams working on Search, Recommendations, and News within Facebook app.

Pravin holds a Ph.D. from Rutgers University in Computer Science. His research on mobile computing, machine learning, and social network analysis led to 12 peer-reviewed publications with over 1000 citations.


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